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is a Media Consulting, Radio Show Production Company and Media Distribution Company that specializes in Conservative Talk Radio.

We have developed and / or produced numerous highly rated shows such as The Denise Simon Experience, Black Man Thinkin', Blowin' Smoke, Drive Time SITREP and Wide Awake, The Michael Cutler Hour, Squashing Liberalism, The Truth About South Africa, as well as  Cowboy Logic Radio.

In addition, Donna Fiducia Productions works closely with shows such as REELTalk Radio with Audrey Russo through distribution to other Internet and Terrestrial Radio Networks.




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was created in 2008 as Don Neuen's diatribes on social media.

Throughout the next few years, Neuen's rants and raves became popular, especially on Facebook, with debates continuing for days, sometimes weeks on particular subjects such as Obama and his failed policies, the GOP Establishment, RINOs, Socialists, Maxists, and Corrupt Politicians.

In early 2013, Neuen and his wife, Donna Fiducia (former Fox News Channel Anchor), found themselves screaming at the television in complete disgust!

They looked at each other, and decided to start their own Internet based radio show:  COWBOY LOGIC RADIO.

Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen team up each week to deliver headlines and interviews with high profile guests.

The combination of Fiducia / Neuen provides humor, as well as highly vetted information on a wide variety of subjects from politics and current events, to military intelligence and foreign affairs.

With an impressive guest list, such as Sidney Powell, Dr. Li Meng Yan, Clare M. Lopez, Gordon Chang, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. David Martin, Dinesh D'Souza, Judge Jeanine Pirro, NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Jovan Pulitzer, LTG Jerry Boykin, Kris "Tanto" Paronto, LTC "Buzz" Patterson, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, MG Paul E. Vallely, Lisa Daftari, LTG Tom McInerney, Alan Derschowitz, Jerome Corsi, Tom Del Beccaro, Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Amil Imani, Nagi Najjar, Tom Trento, Dr. Martin Sherman, Gerald Molen, Michael Cutler, Bill Donohue, Tom DeWeese, and Pamela Geller, Cowboy Logic Radio delivers in depth interviews that far surpass anything the mainstream media can, or will offer.  This show is always ahead of the curve!

Within a few months, they formed WDFP-Restoring America Radio as an Internet based radio network, and over the next few months created and produced original Conservative Talk Radio shows such as "Black Man Thinkin'", "The Denise Simon Experience", "The Truth About South Africa", and "Squashing Liberalism".

In 2014, WDFP-Restoring America Radio formed a partnership with Scott James, owner of multiple terrestrial radio stations, including WDDQ - Talk 92.1FM in Valdosta, GA, WJHC - Talk 107.5 in Jasper, FL and WSFB - Quitman, GA.

In 2015, Fiducia and Neuen formed a partnership with Premo Mondone, founder of Red State Talk Radio, to create the Dominant Force in Conservative Internet Talk Radio.  And they did just that!

The combined powerhouse of Premo Mondone, Donna Fiducia, Scott James and Don Neuen created the perfect marriage between Internet & Terrestrial radio.

On February 27, 2016, devastation hit the RSTR family, as Premo Mondone passed away suddenly.

Unfortunately, about a month after Premo's death, due to operational and managerial differences with new partners, Neuen, Fiducia and James decided the best and only thing to do was to collectively resign from Red State Talk Radio and focus their combined efforts on increasing the south Georgia / north Florida terrestrial talk radio market.

In addition, the trio of Donna Fiducia, Scott James and Don Neuen continued to create and develop original, alternative radio programming with a focus on worldwide distribution via the Internet as a tribute to the legacy of Premo Mondone.

In late 2016, Ron Phillips contacted Don Neuen to discuss the idea of working together on a new network.  Things instantly felt good!  Ron, Scott James, Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen created Talk America Radio with Ron Phillips as the General Manager to carry on the legacy of Premo Mondone.  Talk America Radio was very successful in furthering the marriage between Terrestrial Radio (AM/FM) and Internet Radio.  The most special moment came when Premo Mondone's three daughters made the decision to exclusively endorse Talk America Radio and acknowledged the efforts made to carry on the legacy of their Dad!

Move the clock forward about eighteen months, and talk radio icon, Doc Thompson enters the mix!  Ron and Doc formed Mojo 5.0 Radio and immediately added Cowboy Logic Radio to the regular line up.  In addition, Mojo 5.0 Radio added all the shows that were created / produced under the Donna Fiducia Productions umbrella such as;  Black Man Thinkin', Drive Time SITREP and The Denise Simon Experience.


In January 2021, a major format change took place with Cowboy Logic!  Cowboy Logic moved from a radio show to television show!  The Cowboy Logic Radio studio was transformed into the Cowboy Logic television studio.  Lights!  Camera!  Action!

Cowboy Logic was initially broadcast on three great video media platforms; MoJo50 TV, OpsLens TV and VokalNow.  Within a few short months, Cowboy Logic was picked up by Real America's Voice network as a weekly series featured multiple times during their weekend programming schedule.

Throughout it all, one thing has remained consistent;  Cowboy Logic provides their valued listeners with a 24 hour non stop dedicated stream that is pushed out over the Internet which features a twelve week rotation of Cowboy Logic shows.  In addition, viewers can watch Cowboy Logic shows on demand in various locations including the Cowboy Logic archive site and on Real America's Voice!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the mainstream media has completely failed the American people...  Cowboy Logic will NOT fail you!



DONNA FIDUCIA gained international recognition when she was hired by The Fox News Channel, New York, NY in September 1999 as an anchor and live host.

In 2003, she was reassigned to overnight duty where she was both a long-form and news update anchorwoman. In 2007, she retired from The Fox News Channel and relocated to Georgia.

Prior to The Fox News Channel, she worked at Fox-owned WNYW in New York City. In her four years at WNYW, she was a general assignment reporter for the 10 o'clock news.

She also anchored Good Day New York and Good Day Sunday where she not only anchored the news but did celebrity and lifestyle interviews. Fiducia gained national recognition as the host of Entertainment Watch on VH-1, featuring entertainment news and celebrity interviews from movie stars to musicians.

She became New York's first television helicopter traffic reporter at WNBC-TV in 1995. She was also a general assignment reporter for Live At Five, the 6 and 11 o'clock news and Weekend Today.

Fiducia began her career at Shadow Traffic in New York. She went on to report from WNBC Radio's "N Copter" where she worked daily with Howard Stern and Don Imus.

She was also the news director and morning news anchor of the famed rock radio station WNEW-FM.

Fiducia also has done some acting in the first rap-influenced feature length movie, Tougher Than Leather with Run DMC, and on the 1980 CBS television show The Equalizer in which she performed the role of a newscaster.

In 2006, she was in the movie Being Michael Madsen in which she again played the role of a reporter.

Fiducia graduated from Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ, and subsequently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seton Hall University with degrees in both Communications and Political Science. She was active in the college's radio station, WSOU-FM. She also studied flute and piccolo during this time.

Fiducia is an avid horseback rider and has won numerous state and national championships in equestrian events as a hunter/jumper. In addition, she is competing at barrel racing in rodeos. Currently, Fiducia resides in Georgia where she owns, raises and trains champion warmbloods and quarterhorses on her horse farm, Double D Ranch.

In 2007, she founded her own Georgia-based production company, Donna Fiducia Productions, Inc. which specializes in media production, soundtrack music, voice-over talent, media training, and political campaigns marketing. She currently serves as President and CEO of the company.

In addition, Fiducia is in demand as a featured speaker, college lecturer, and as a moderator. She is also a media coach and political adviser.

Contact Donna via Email:  Donna Fiducia

Follow Donna on GETTR:  Donna Fiducia


Donna Fiducia fans will enjoy these compilation videos of Donna at The Fox News Channel and other New York stations!