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Clinton Stewart Released from Federal Prison in Colorado due to First Step Act Signed by Pres. Trump

Clinton Stewart's daughter and a crowd of supports outside of the federal prison awaiting his release

Transcript of:
The IRP6 / IRP5 / IRP3
Donna Fiducia Productions
Cowboy Logic Radio
February 25, 2020

Host: Donna Fiducia
Co-Host: Don Neuen

Guests: Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clinton Stewart, Kendrick Barnes

The IRP5:
David A. Banks
Kendrick Barnes (released in Oct. 2018 after serving full seven-year sentence)
Demetrius K. Harper
Clinton A. Stewart (released on Jan. 2, 2020 under First Step Act)
David A. Zirpolo

DONNA FIDUCIA - Welcome to Cowboy Logic Radio, I’m Donna Fiducia along with Don Neuen and this is going to be a bit of a different show on Cowboy Logic Radio today. Typically we start with headlines but we have an extremely important story that I think is going to have to be spilled over into two segments instead of the typical one, and that is the story of the IRP5 and we have four gentlemen on the phone with us right now so it’s going to be a little bit of a technical challenge for Don to do here.

DON NEUEN – Well, I want to interject something, ladies and gentlemen when we first started covering this injustice back in October of 2013. Now, at that point it was the IRP6 and I have always referred to this as the IRP6. The gentlemen that we have on the phone with us right now are going to explain why it’s gone from the IRP6 to the IRP5 and now it’s basically probably called the IRP3. We’re going to get into this in depth and there’s a lot of backstory to this but I want you guys to get some paper and a pen and start making notes. You’ll want to go all the way back to the October 29, 2013 show when we first had these guys on, click on the IRP6 link on our archive website, it will to take you all the way back to 2013. This is appalling what has been going on ladies and gentlemen, absolutely appalling and we’ve all seen what the Federal Government can do when they levy that strong arm on citizens, and we’ve seen it as recently with the most powerful human being on planet earth and that’s the President of the United States. This story that you’re about to hear, we need you to share, we need you to call your Congressmen about it, and you need to demand that these gentlemen are released from prison.

DONNA FIDUCIA - We have four gentlemen on the phone with us right now, Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, his brother Clinton Stewart who, with the First Step Act, was just released from prison on January 2nd 2020, we’ll get to that in a minute and Kendrick Barnes. Lamont, I want to start with you, give us the history of the IRP6, now the IRP5 and now that a few of the guys have been out of prison, it’s the IRP3 that are still wrongfully imprisoned but hopefully the First Step Act will get them out of prison, as well. But Lamont Banks, start with the history of this whole thing and how essentially you were targeted by the Federal Government.

LAMONT BANKS - Well absolutely, and I appreciate you guys having us on. I’m Lamont Banks, the Executive Director of A JUST CAUSE (, an advocacy organization, also host of AJC Radio (, so we are very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to these issues. As we were talking earlier, this injustice started some years ago with these six guys which were wrongfully convicted, it was really a huge targeting setup by the justice system to bring these guys down and this was also without cause. These men were, were strong IT professionals; they were out here trying to do something that would keep America safe in development of software. Cliff and Clinton can probably speak a little more to that, but this is the quick summary if you will, these guys set out to, as a result of going to Ground Zero and taking a look at the devastation of what had happened, and how did it happen, and how was this information not shared with other agencies within the law enforcement realm, if you will, of government. These men set out together as a team to develop software that would basically be able to track ISIS or other terrorist groups across the country to say look, we have a way to try to track these guys and perhaps avoid another 9/11. These guys were devastated by that but it really awakened in them, the entrepreneurial spirit that this country has been known to have. These men set out to develop this software through hours and hours, up all night, sweat and tears going through it and doing what they could because of what they saw. Ultimately it was a reverse by the government, the FBI showed up at their business, raided their business, they were all armed and said they were looking for financial records, when in reality it was a search for software and that this software was at such a level, they had never seen anything like it, but why don’t we just steal the software, we don’t have to pay for it. Let’s get the FBI guys up in here and go do what we got to do. They went in there, they never looked at financial records, they mirrored every one of the computers, down to the janitor’s closet and in an attempt to find this golden software, if you will, that would make a difference. They just went about it the wrong way, to try to steal it versus pay for it. They were told they were put into a budget and they were asking for $100,000,000 that the Department of Homeland Security said they were looking to actually present to the members of Congress and to other committees, and said, look we have something here. Everything went haywire after that and these guys were wrongly convicted.

DONNA FIDUCIA – So essentially Lamont, essentially after 9/11 it was the real big problem was that all these agencies never talked to each other and they’re always kind of at odds with each other too. So, what this software did was enable them to talk with each other make it easier to share information so you can avoid another 9/11 type of attack. The Government, instead of buying the software information from you, essentially went ahead and tried to steal it, the Obama administration…. the Bush administration.

DON NEUEN – I want to interject something here gentlemen, the Bush administration, during the years of the Bush administration is when things started getting kind of jiggy with this and the investigation started and the harassment started but it didn’t end in 2008 and 2009, it continued on into the Obama administration, at which point these guys were actually sentenced and started doing their time. So you know what’s going on with this ladies and gentlemen, does not see a left and right side of the political aisle, it shows a right and wrong side of the justice aisle. One other thing that needs to be discussed is the fact that the six guys that were involved, the six principals in this organization, were developing this software. These IT geniuses were also either, some or many of them, maybe all, were veterans. Am I correct with that guys?

LAMONT BANKS - Yes, a few of them were. Clint, who just recently got out under the First Step Act is a veteran and David Banks also a veteran, and I believe, Clint you guys were the only two veterans in the mix, correct?

CLINTON STEWART – Yeah, Gary Walker was at the Air Force Academy. He never really served active duty, so yeah, it was David, in the Navy, and myself was in the Air Force.

DON NEUEN - Well, as far as the fact that this is a complete injustice, doesn’t really have anything to do with the fact that we’ve got veterans involved in this ladies and gentlemen but it most certainly twists the knife in the wound and pours a lot more salt in the wound when this type of an injustice, against constitutional rights, is taking place with gentlemen that have taken an oath that never expires. Clinton, your oath never expired my friend, did it?

CLINTON STEWART – That’s correct. That’s correct.

DON NEUEN – But at the same time, the Department of Justice took a dump all over that Constitution that you swore to uphold with the ultimate sacrifice of your life. It’s appalling. Alright, now one of the beautiful things here Clint, is that you’re now home. You’re home with your family brother.

CLINTON STEWART – That’s a big deal. That’s a really big deal and I’m so, so thankful.

DONNA FIDUCIA - I saw the video which has gone viral. Clint, your daughter is just a beautiful young lady. I, I can’t express enough how phenomenal this news is, that you, on January 2, 2020 got out. Speak a little about your thoughts at that point and how many years you were wrongfully incarcerated.

CLINTON STEWART – We were wrongfully incarcerated, sentenced to 10 years. There’s one guy still there, sentenced to 11 years and is serving nearly eight of that so far. I’m home, on home confinement, but there at Camp Florence where the super-max prison is, we’re at a satellite camp to that administrative maximum in the Federal system, the only one of its kind. And yes, it’s a really hard, horrible place and we’re just so thankful that you know everyone, when it came time, they saw that I had an opportunity because I’m classified as elderly now under the First Step Act. When you’re going to get out, you’re giving us hope that you’re one of the few early ones that are getting out. These other guys coming up on the First Step Act that the BOP doesn’t want to execute even after the legislation has been put into law. They still don’t want to execute on that legislation. This is giving us hope because you’re forging the path, there’s been no instructions on how to activate the business process that Congress has put into legislation so you’re forging the trail. To come out in this regard is going to help everyone to know how to deal with the halfway house and be on home confinement. That’s really given everyone at the camp a lot of hope.

DONNA FIDUCIA – What really gets me, what Lamont had said. Clint Stewart, you were a single dad and nobody cared about how they ripped you away from your daughter. You’ve got all these bleeding-heart liberals on the left that are saying how terrible this illegal immigration is because families are being ripped apart. They don’t seem to care about the American families that are being ripped apart. I know Tom Holman who we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past, former ICE administrator for a short time, basically really addressed AOC in congress and said, you know if I stop somebody for a speeding ticket, they’re getting separated from their families and you’re worrying about these illegal aliens. Here we have somebody who is trying to make software that can stop another 9/11 and because you’re not playing nicey-nice with the Federal Government, they throw you in prison. This is the weaponizing of the FBI and I think the CIA and many other branches of government.

DON NEUEN – The DOJ and the court system.

DONNA FIDUCIA – The DOJ, until recently we always thought could never happen in this country. You guys brought this to light, you know seven years ago and this is just appalling. Who was the director of the FBI when all this was going on?

CLINTON STEWART – Robert Mueller.

CLIFF STEWART – Yes, at that time, Mueller was the director. We know his - even his recent, current activity - along with his history and to echo some of the things that the President said, is that we have to look into these agencies that have gone into a deep-state mindset. When you look at judges, prosecutors, Director Mueller and his time, they are given so much power that, but you know it goes back to the old childhood anthem that “with much power comes much responsibility” and we have to deal with them. You have to remember with IRP Solutions when all this started, the FBI raided the company with about 25-armed agents. We reached out to Director Mueller and said look, they’re coming after this company for no reason, we’re creating software to help the country. We have former FBI agents in-house that are subject matter experts to help to deliver this software. We sent letters to Robert Mueller saying, Director Mueller, help us! Tell your people they are on the wrong track. We have been at DHS, we have been at the FBI, we have been at NYPD, we have been, we have talked to NSA, we have talked to other Federal agencies that are under Federal law enforcement. Tell them they need to back off, they’re on the wrong track. What did Mueller do? He sent it back to his cohorts here in Colorado saying you’re going to have to deal with the guys that is basically going after you in the first place. So, he completely failed at his responsibility as the Director to reign in, keep in check and direct the people that were under his purview. You look at how this all came about, and here we are; this is 15 years later, this happened in 2005 and we have been fighting this battle for 15 years. Clint just gets out, a couple, almost a couple of months ago and in the news today, we’re still looking at the same corruption, in these same agencies, and it is appalling that Robert Mueller’s name comes up and then you still see how the FBI is doing all this rogue activity. It is absolutely disgusting, as an American citizen to look at and say, okay, administration after administration that failed us, didn’t do anything, turned a blind eye. And now, when President Trump is in the office, he said, look, these are the things that need to be taken care of. The First Step Act, put it on my desk, I’ll get it signed. Let’s get these people out of jail that don’t belong there. And you have the same FBI coming after him. And we know, and we saw when Bernie Kerik got out last, or got exonerated last week, or whichever the term is, and then Rod Blagojevich, he got his sentence commuted, I was totally just angered, I was crazed when I saw how Anderson Cooper treated Governor Blagojevich. Anderson Cooper did not understand how corrupt the system is, how it goes against people and when it attacks, it is worse than a pit bull. It locks onto you, it does not let go, it is relentless, it will put you down and lock you up and hold you there until somebody like President Trump steps in and says, we need to make a change in what’s going on in the American justice system.

LAMONT BANKS - Let me interject if I may, this is Lamont Banks, and I think to your point Donna, that it tells me, that if persistence continues and we stand against and speak out against these injustices. As you named Tiffany, Clint’s daughter, the team that was out there that day welcoming Clint from a fight of injustice and as you said, you saw the video that has gone viral. The American people catch up very quickly with our persistence that, you know what, we’re going to get behind what’s right and I think that’s why our numbers, the latest numbers, outside of me talking to you yesterday Donna, 879,000 views between YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and people are speaking out, saying look, this man is free. People are talking about how they couldn’t hold the tears back. So I think justice ultimately, through people like you and your show, organizations across the country, say wait a minute what happened here? What if I was Clint Stewart, what if I was David Banks, what if I was Demetrius Harper and David Zirpolo, the three that remain in chains? Our fight continues and I believe to the point that you said and that Clint alluded to, the BOP drags their feet on getting these guys out. We just got word last week that the case managers at Florence Prison camp have done the math and the other three guys are supposed to already be out right now. I think us pushing it out here; you’ve given us the opportunity to come on your show and say look, somebody get ahold of your members of Congress and to President Trump, and say look, BOP do your job, get these guys out. They’ve done more than the times they should have ever done and they’ve even exceeded that. I think what Clint says and what Cliff alludes to is crystal clear and with the numbers that are coming up, like I said earlier, man we’re talking about almost a million votes for the President, possible votes for President Trump because what Cliff said, somebody got in that office and got some stuff done. When people are walking out and that reunion happened like it did on social media, it’s everywhere right now. People catch up with the reality, what is affecting the lives of people. President Trump took steps for the First Step Act and to all the people that’s speaking, you guys that have believed in the injustice from the beginning and said you know what, I don’t believe in that, I’m going to stand with you guys, our hearts are grateful and the gratitude, we don’t have the words to say for what you guys have done to give us this platform.

DONNA FIDUCIA – What is the video? Where can they find it on YouTube, what is the address to look for?

LAMONT BANKS – Really the YouTube, “Clinton Stewart Release” you’ll find it right there.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Clint Stewart Release?

LAMONT BANKS – It’s all over the place, yes, “Clinton Stewart Release” and on Facebook and Twitter, on Twitter it’s hashtag #ClintonStewart, you may see #ClintStewart @POTUS that’s really giving a lot of praise to this President for making the change and the video speaks to that. We have people actually personally stamping that video and putting it out and getting 35, 40, 50 thousand views of it because they’re actually taking it and adopting it as their own. That’s how big it’s going right now.

DONNA FIDUCIA – We’re talking with Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clinton Stewart, who was just released on January 2nd of this year, just not even two months ago, after serving almost eight years, wrongfully. Kendrick Barnes as well is with us. Again, this is the IRP Solutions, that was the name of the company and initially there were six of them, one guy kind of flipped so he got out early, he doesn’t count in my book, I’m sorry. So, the IRP5, you five were wrongfully imprisoned, and there are still three guys left you say that already should be out. But again, because of what’s happened to Donald Trump, in my opinion, makes more people realize – hey, there’s serious corruption in the swamp and when Trump said “drain the swamp” I don’t even think he realized how corrupt everything is. Talk a little about this judge, who basically had it in for you. You look at Amy Berman Jackson, she’s the judge with Roger Stone. Roger Stone is no great guy okay, but eight, nine years for doing what he did – murderers don’t serve that. Obviously, Clinton, murderers don’t serve eight years half the time. And she was also the same judge with Paul Manafort, who’s in solitary confinement, I mean come on, give me a break, this is unreal. But talk a little about the judge in this case that had it in for you guys.

KENDRICK BARNES – If you don’t mind, this is Kendrick. I can speak to that because a lot of people misunderstand what the court is supposed to be and the court and every judge is supposed to be an impartial judge of the law. That’s supposed to be their job. What we saw firsthand, the bias that a court can have when it comes to guilt and innocence. Because the Constitution was designed to protect the people of this country. It was not designed to protect the government, it was designed to protect the people from the government and to make sure that the government doesn’t get so powerful that it could basically be a tyranny, a tyrant to the people it serves. But what you’re seeing now in courts which I don’t think its coincidence that you get Manafort and, I can’t remember his name now [Roger Stone], under the same judge, and they’ll tell you, oh this is a random pick. Really? No one is buying that. In our case, the judge not only presided over our case, but also presided over the case of Lawanna Clark, who was also part of this case prior and she ruled against Lawanna Clark who was also innocent. Then, it’s no coincidence, all of a sudden; she gets the IRP case also. And we see firsthand in two years sitting there, most people can’t believe how unjust this system is and how unfair it is and how stacked against you it is. We got hardly and Clint can attest to this, every time we would object to a motion, everything was overruled.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Kendrick, hold that thought right there, we’re running out of time. We’ve just got to take a quick break and come back with Lamar Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clinton Stewart and Kendrick Barnes talking about IRP Solutions, how the government tried to steal their technology after 9/11.

DON NEUEN – And how it did steal their freedom.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Stole their freedom and how Diamond & Silk have helped and even Bernard Kerik, the former Police Commissioner of New York City. We’ll get to that on the other side of the break, right after this on Cowboy Logic Radio.

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DONNA FIDUCIA – We’re back on Cowboy Logic Radio with Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clinton Stewart and Kendrick Barnes of IRP Solutions, better known really as the IRP5 as they were wrongfully imprisoned for at least eight years, and counting for three of the guys, by a judge named Christine Arguello. Is that, Kendrick, can you please talk a little bit about her? Seems she was a Bush appointee?

KENDRICK BARNES – Yes, she was a Bush appointee, Christine, Judge Christine Arguello in the Tenth Circuit. Yeah, this is I’m telling you; this judge is known in this district for being corrupt basically, there’s no nice way to say that; the Constitution means nothing to this woman. Our Fifth Amendment rights were violated, our right to privacy was violated and she stood by and let the Government just do whatever they wanted. They received banking records as early as 2004, without any subpoena or any grand jury being in session. She allowed the Government to go into the banking records of anyone that had worked at IRP Solutions and also anyone who was a member of the church that we went to. Also, if there was a church that even sounded like it could be named or affiliated with us, they went through the bank account records with no subpoena and to this day, they will not provide a subpoena saying that you received any banking information legally. Now of all the information they received, there was no criminal activity, didn’t show any crime. They couldn’t even present any evidence in court as showing any sort of criminal malicious intent, none of that evidence could be presented because there was no crime committed, no criminal evidence, but they were still allowed to go get it and just violate your rights as a citizen. This judge, Christine Arguello, presided over the case and when we brought this up to the court, hey we would like to see the subpoena and this is our legal right to see and inspect the subpoena that the FBI claimed that they presented to all these banks. At first, she said you know what, they do need to give you a subpoena; once the Government objected, she backtracked and no subpoena to this day ever presented. This is the stuff that when you hear Trump and other officials in the Government say this is a rigged system, I agree. When you’re on the other side of the Government, you can’t, it’s hard to win. And one person said something very profound to me, talking about how can a citizen go up against a country if you wanted to, we’re the most powerful country in the nation. But if you’re going to turn in your own citizens, we don’t stand a chance. There’s not a country in this world that can stand up to the United States. So, if this Government will not follow the law, then where does the citizens stand?

DONNA FIDUCIA – What do you think the motive is behind these kinds of actions with these judges and these prosecutors? I know Sydney Powell who’s representing General Flynn has basically written a book about them, she’s so familiar with all the Mueller jokers that were involved in that case and she feels it’s just a joke to these people. It’s almost like a game, they don’t realize how they’re ruining people’s lives. Do you agree with that? And I’m wondering if this judge, Christine Arguello or however you pronounce it, was she looking for a kickback of some sort to enrich herself and when you guys wouldn’t comply was that an issue you think?

KENDRICK BARNES – Yes, sometimes I believe that because the FBI at the time was also trying to work on their own software product called Virtual Case Files and our product was superior case investigator software. But you’re talking about an organization that was requesting money, you know getting that free money from Congress to keep working on this failed project that never saw the light of day. So there’s a lot of reasons, I don’t know why, but it is coincidental that IRP Solutions was working on a software product and was getting a lot more interest from the Department of Homeland Security and the New York Police Department that saw the product and liked it, and the FBI also was working on a product and they were over budget, behind schedule and then, you know, let’s get rid of the competition.

DON NEUEN – Let me interject something here guys, ladies and gentlemen, let me recap this because wrapping your head around this entire IRP6 story is a very difficult thing to do. The first time we interviewed these guys, that interview was well over two hours. And we went into all types of little tributaries with regard to the fact that this software was in competition with a bloated, over-budget version that was inadequate compared to what these guys were coming up with. We went into the judge and how corrupt the judicial system is. We went into the power and the strong arming and the unlimited resources financially that a Federal Government has when they’re going after citizens and how there’s absolutely no way that the citizens can even remotely defend themselves from a monetary standpoint. We went into even situations in which Hillary Clinton was tied to this whole thing and how she had her fingers in this judge and the prosecutor. The prosecutor was absolutely corrupt as well if I recall and this whole thing stunk from day one. Now again ladies and gentlemen, remember we got to really unpack this in a very elementary way because it is so convoluted. These guys, that were IT experts, after 9/11. They’re patriots. They wanted to try to help prevent another 9/11 from ever happening again. They get together, they develop software that makes it so that law enforcement agencies, and guys if I say something that’s inaccurate when I’m done, correct me. Law enforcement agencies from local sheriff departments all the way up to the agencies of the Federal government, the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the DEA, everything is able to communicate efficiently with each other, which is one of the big problems that allowed 9/11 to happen. That, and in my opinion, complacency. But they had this software developed in various modules, they had tested it, they sampled it to some of these agencies, especially the DHS and the NYPD. And, when the Feds figured out that these guys were developing something that was superior to the unlimited pocketbooks that Congress was giving these agencies, that’s when the noose started coming around their necks and all of a sudden, they start getting hammered for stuff and they start getting charged with bogus, nothingness charges, it’s the same kind of crap that Mueller was doing with Trump and all of the people that were in Trump’s orbit. And none of this stuff would stick but back then, we didn’t have the power of Donald J. Trump that was shedding light on this stuff. And showing the American people, showing the world, that if it can happen to somebody like Trump, nobody is safe from this. Am I on target there with unpacking that in a simplistic way?

LAMONT BANKS – Absolutely. Absolutely. I think like you said, the case is so broad but it’s clear and to the point that you have abuse of power and as Donna just asked the question, what’s Arguello’s motive and you know what, you have judges that have God complexes. They feel like they can do whatever they want because nobody calls them out on their behavior, that’s number one. And, as long as you have a judge in a courtroom that is violating the law and nobody has the guts to stand up and say wait a minute judge, but the IRP5 did, and they called her into question on everything she did. I think until people begin to be a voice to say look, we’re not going to tolerate it; your job is not do this, it’s to not abuse your power from the bench, it’s not to go off on tantrums and tirades because you just have a problem with a group of people that you don’t even know. That’s something that we definitely need to key on. I definitely think you’re right on target, I think with the fact in regards to President Trump, some of the stuff that he’s had to endure, like you said, it opens the floodgates to call these judges out and President Trump has no problem calling people out when you have issues that are apparently clear. It has nothing to do with justice, this is about an agenda and until we get into the depth of that we’re never going to solve the problem with what the IRP5 has suffered.

DONNA FIDUCIA - I’m assuming that the Government tried to steal this from you as they came in and swooped in initially.

DON NEUEN – Yeah, but they wrote in; you guys time-bombed it, didn’t you?

DONNA FIDUCIA - Talk a little about, one of you guys, if you can talk about the technology of the whole thing that enabled you to protect this IRP Solutions software and be able to actually prevent anybody from stealing it.

CLINTON STEWART - Yes, this is Clint let me speak to just a couple of issues there, let’s not forget Judge H. Lee Sarokin, a very honorable appeals court judge, he reviewed this entire case and he was so appalled at everything that he saw, he wrote a play, a screen play, something he did in his retirement, called “Race Card Face Up” that’s on the west coast, it’s playing in theatres and so forth. But back to the judge in the situation of trying to protect the prosecutor’s case. Nobody contests the Government, they all plea, they cop a plea deal, they don’t have to go to trial with American citizens, they have such an intimidating platform and modus operandi, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney does. Nobody fights them, everybody pleas, so we knew we were innocent, we were like, we’re working with the FBI what are you talking about, we’re not fraudulent. The DHS called us, we didn’t call them. We’re out here marketing our software. As a matter of fact, the IRP stands for Investigative Resource Planning. We had foundationally discovered how to bring efficiencies to the criminal investigative process. Talk about protecting the software, we had a security platform of compartmentalization, obfuscation and encryption in the software. A very sophisticated platform that when we delivered to any customer, by the way, we had six local law enforcement customers using our software. Dr. Michael Brown at Southeast Missouri State University, he was teaching it in the master’s program using our software to teach master’s level advanced criminal investigation analysis. So, we’re going with government grants and all sorts of things, making movement, we are not a front or fraudulent organization, we didn’t believe so, they wanted to take us to court, of course in our fight, we submitted a proffer - six inches worth of information compiled for John Walsh the U.S. Attorney. Here, no one can call us fraudulent. We’ve been to the FBI, we’ve been to DHS. DHS told us they had one-billion-dollar budget for this platform, they asked us for a quote and we lowered it down to one hundred million to start. So this was a very sophisticated situation, a very big deal. It had never been modernized before, the criminal investigative process in the United States. That was our charter.

DONNA FIDUCIA – That’s key, absolutely key to follow the money trail. Is it possible that this can still be used? Is it still viable?

CLINTON STEWART - Absolutely. Absolutely.

DONNA FIDUCIA - Wow, we’ve got to get to Donald Trump. Talk about the three guys who are still in jail though and already they should be out. One of you guys please discuss that?

CLINTON STEWART - Yes, they should definitely be out, they’re eligible but you know, one of my cellmates, he’s a doctor, wrongly convicted as well, he’s there with them serving time. He talked to the supervisor at ADX where he worked and asked why are they are dragging their feet, the law already passed? The guard said to him “what are we going to do for jobs if all these inmates get out?”

DONNA FIDUCIA – What are you going to do for jobs if all these inmates get out. I have an idea, let’s incarcerate some illegal aliens that commit multiple crimes instead of letting them all out.

DON NEUEN - How about we just incarcerate some of these judges and prosecutors.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Who are the three that are left in jail, in prison?

CLINTON STEWART - That was his answer, his answer was, “we’re scared for our jobs” and that’s why we’re dragging our feet to let you guys out.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Like there’s nobody else left in prison? This is ridiculous, like there’s nobody else left in prison?

CLINTON STEWART - The Director of BOP was replaced, a woman came out of [retirement], I forget her name [Kathleen Hawk Sawyer], but President Trump was dissatisfied with the progress going on with the First Step Act. He took down the director and his two cronies and brought in a retiree and she reports to Congress and said, “back when I was in charge, we had 50,000 staff at BOP, now we’re down to 35,000.”

DONNA FIDUCIA - That’s all that counts I guess, right? Let me reintroduce you guys, we’re talking to Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clint Stewart who was just released on January 2nd after serving eight of a ten-year sentence for something he didn’t do, and Kendrick Barnes. This is IRP Solutions is the name of the company, the IRP5, as I call them. You can search on the video for “Clinton Stewart Release” hashtag #ClintonStewart, look for it on Facebook it’s a heart wrenching video but again, we have three guys still left in prison with the same case that need to get out as well. Diamond and Silk have latched on and so has Bernie Kerik who just got exonerated by President Trump. Former, well he was the police commissioner on 9/11, I know Bernie very well myself. They have tried to help, and especially Diamond and Silk. Can one of you guys talk about how finally this is getting some of the publicity it deserves?

LAMONT BANKS - Well, I think when we had it in mind to go out to the prison the day of Clint’s release, we had so much support from State troopers, to the people and supporters of Clint Stewart’s family and friends that came out to say “welcome home”. I think when you present that and you’ve seen the video as you say, that the impact of that video and I’m going to say the last four days, has gone insanely viral, everybody’s talking about it, everybody’s picking it up. People are saying man, they can’t even keep the tissue box full of enough tissue to keep tears back. That’s how big it is. I think when you have a story of this magnitude, people begin to say “what happened to that guy?” Because I tell you what, he made it clear, he thanked everybody and he thanked President Trump for the First Step Act. Everybody wants to focus on this over here, that over there. You know what? I believe the American people are seeing a story that they can relate to. This is a man who was taken from his family along with these other three guys. For eight years you left them away. You left them locked up knowing that these men were innocent. So, when people begin to hear the story and they see the video as you did Donna, man, that does something inside of a person. That makes people say, you know what, and the American people are about feel-good stories and I don’t think they get any bigger a feel-good story than this. Because this is what impacts the lives, everybody can relate. Man, if I were taken from my family, if my daughter was separated from me, how would I feel? I think that is why we’re getting the response that we’re getting. It is amazing, the numbers continue to climb, in hours they climb, these numbers jump from 256,000 when we first saw that number and it has risen in the last two to three days to almost, we’re almost approaching a million people. 900,000 views, people are saying, they’re talking, they’re looking. That is something that I believe, as I said to you Donna at the onset of this show that relates to votes. Who are making a difference, who touched my life, who touched my life enough to change the injustice situation that helped me and my family? That’s what people never forget. I think that’s why the impact is as big as it is.

DON NEUEN - Hey Clint, let me ask you this. Who touched your life when you found out you were going to walk out of that prison? Who in your opinion touched your life?

CLINTON STEWART – Donald Trump. I looked at the legislation that he - I know a bunch of people tried to get it done. We asked Obama to help, we submitted our pardon packet, he couldn’t help us, he wouldn’t help us. He actually wrote my daughter back an email, alluding to his assumption that I was guilty and needed to serve my time. It came from President Obama while my daughter was in high school. When I look at this legislation that has been passed, from the bully pulpit, the guy that marshals it all together, I have to thank God for Donald Trump. You know, he made a difference to me, I’m at home now, and other guys are looking to follow me because they’re looking for hope. So that legislation, we’re expecting some more. I’ll take every little bit of hope, every little bit of return of good that I can. After seven, eight years in prison there’s no small favors, everything is a big deal, every single thing is a very big deal to me.

DON NEUEN – Yeah, I hear you. Let me ask you guys this, once the five brothers end up getting together again, in freedom, are you guys going to pick up where you left off with this?

LAMONT BANKS – Absolutely, absolutely. The dream or the vision does not die. Matter of fact, I met with someone the other day, this is Lamont Banks, I said this to somebody the other day when injustice visits your front door and it interrupts a dream or a passion of yours, and Clint will probably attest to this, that fire doesn’t go out, that fire actually gets bigger. I think the IRP5 will be bigger and greater than they’ve ever been because not only now have you suffered injustice as a motivating factor that touched and make a difference in everybody’s life. That fire of injustice makes you feel for those who have suffered the same injustice that you have. I think that’s something, that’s a driving force that cannot die out. That’s a candle you can’t blow out.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Has Diamond and Silk gotten to President Trump on behalf of the three guys that are still in prison?

LAMONT BANKS - We have sent information out to them, I would ask that, I know you guys have a very good relationship with them, this is Lamont Banks again. You know, whatever we can do to get this in the floodgates and to get in front of President Trump. I know that these young ladies have had a huge impact on the President, I know that. They’ve had a huge impact on us as well. So that has already been submitted via email to them, will probably touch base with them in the next day or two, they’re very busy ladies but we anticipate definitely talking to them about that as well.

DONNA FIDUCIA – We’re talking again with the four guys of IRP Solutions, Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clinton Stewart and Kendrick Barnes. Clinton serving over eight years just getting out on January 2nd of 2020 because quite frankly my opinion he was framed by Robert Mueller and this is pretty much what’s going on and until this occurred to the President of the United States, I don’t think most people in America would believe it was happening. Now they’re seeing it with Roger Stone, they’re seeing it also not only with Trump, we keep saying this should never happen to any other President but it shouldn’t happen to any other citizen. And it’s happening to Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort just to name a few. And these are the same slime buckets of prosecutors that got rid of, according to Sydney Powell’s book, 80,000 people at Arthur-Andersen and they thought it was a joke. 80,000 people lost their jobs under this guy Mueller and all of his cronies. And, it was overturned in the Supreme Court nine to nothing but the damage was already done and that is really the irony and the horrible story behind all of this. But thank God it’s coming to light. Don has a question.

DON NEUEN – Hey Clint, did they try to get you to take a plea deal?

CLINTON STEWART – Absolutely. Absolutely.

DON NEUEN – See that’s the thing, ladies and gentlemen, when you look at what’s going on with this IRP6 and I keep referring to it as the IRP6 guys and I apologize for that but that’s what – you know, in 2013, Donna and I jumped on board with this and so I always think of it as the IRP6, so forgive me for that. But ladies and gentlemen, look at the similarities between what happened to these guys starting in late 2004, early 2005 and it’s still going on. The kind of stuff that happened to General Flynn, the stuff that happened to, you know, I have no affection for Roger Stone or Paul Manafort. Quite frankly, I don’t really like either one of ‘em. But they’ve been wronged and the similarities especially with Flynn and you guys is sickening. In the greatest beacon of liberty on the face of the earth, this kind of stuff happens but Clint I know while you were sitting in prison you had to be thinking about this stuff when you were seeing what was going on with General Flynn. They get’em to flip because they threaten everything else or they get them to cop a plea deal by threatening and threatening and threatening and flip was the wrong word, copping a plea deal is what I meant to say. But you saw that happening and unfolding in real time from a damn cell.

CLINTON STEWART – Yeah, you know we were contacted, our organization A Just Cause, was contacted by Jared Kushner who was in touch with another gentleman who actually fled to Poland, he wrote a book Howell Woltz, who was a former federal judge who was wronged as well. They asked, are there other cases like yours, because the legislation is coming down, this was April of last year, of people who didn’t take a plea deal? It was difficult to find cases of wrongly convicted inmates who didn’t take a plea because the pressure from the FBI, from the Justice Department is so great, they’re such a big threat. And the attorney, the advocacy apparatus that they have at CJA, Criminal Justice Advocacy at the Federal Government, they bleed you of all your resources and then when you come to court and you have nothing left, and then they assign you one of their, quote unquote, “Public Defenders”. That’s a Federal level cost-free CJA attorney and they undermine your case to put you in a situation. Our dear friend, Lawanna Clark, they undermined her case, she got six months for perjury and she was wrongly convicted. The attorney in her case, the Federal CJA attorney failed to recognize or request handwriting experts. We had to do that on appeal and it was found that she was correct and that she did not tell a lie. But she was actually innocent and the judge didn’t want to hear it.

DONNA FIDUCIA – Okay guys, we have only one-minute left unfortunately, we’re already out of time but I want to get to all of the ways people can contact you. It’s A JUST CAUSE [] correct? That’s where people can find all your I guess videos and things of that nature plus on Facebook, hashtag #ClintonStewart and also if you look for the video on YouTube just look for “Clinton Stewart Release”. That really is the best thing we can do but we still have three other guys still in prison, with IRP Solutions, the IRP5, now the IRP3 left in prison but this still has to stop, it has to get hopefully, as you said, if Jared Kushner has something to do with it, maybe we can push this out faster. But at least we’re getting something done with this First Step Act and how many African-Americans and just Americans in general, we’re all in this together are seeing how Donald Trump is trying to right these wrongs. Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, Clinton Stewart and Kendrick Barnes, we thank you so much. We’re so sorry so much of your lives have been disrupted by this but we hope things are better as days come, as we go ahead in our lives and we wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you so much for joining us here on Cowboy Logic Radio.

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