"Trump Bus" Rolling Hard for 2020!

In August of 2016, Danny Hamilton, owner of Star Coaches, Inc. walked into Don Neuen's office, his Senior Vice President of Leasing, and said; "I know we are in the middle of peak touring season, BUT...  figure out a way to pull one bus off the road.  I want to create 'The Trump Bus'!"

"The Trump Bus" is all about "Keeping America Great"!

Neuen scoured his rock & roll bus master schedules, moved tours around and told Danny that he could free up bus #6610.

The next day, Danny was on the phone with Mark Rowe, owner of Adnormous Graphics discussing his plan for "The Trump Bus"; a 45 foot entertainer coach (rock & roll bus) that he wanted to cover with Trump for President artwork and roll all over the state of Georgia until the 2016 election.

Danny and The Trump Bus at the Daytona 500

Mark and his team worked on the graphic artwork and finally had the perfect design for Danny's Trump Bus!

A few days later, The Trump Bus was ready to start canvasing the state of Georgia to help elect Donald J. Trump in 2016.

Trump supporters are the greatest!

Over the next 90+ days, Danny and a small crew of friends including Wallace Mathis and Lenny Solomon, visited almost every small town in Georgia to promote the future President Trump.  They were greeted by large groups of Trump supporters, even from the smallest rural Georgia towns.  Danny left no stone un-turned.  He was determined to shake every Trump supporters hand, provide them with yard signs and stickers, and convince any undecided voters that Trump deserved their vote on Election Day.

Danny appeared on numerous radio shows, including Cowboy Logic Radio and The Scott James Morning Show (Valdosta, GA) promoting The Trump Bus and to encourage voters to elect Donald J. Trump.

And he did all of this at his own expense, never accepting a single contribution.  As of the date of this article,  Estimates of Danny's investment exceed $350,000.00 based on the lost revenue this coach would have earned, branding costs and fuel costs.  Danny Hamilton believes in President Donald J. Trump!

The crowds keep growing!

For the Trump Inauguration in January 2017, Danny and bus loads of Trump supporters made an epic road trip from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC in a caravan of Star Coaches' buses.  The Trump Bus led the way with coaches branded with "Make America Great Again" stretching the entire length of each coach!  The media went wild!  From local news in Atlanta to national news with The Fox News Channel, Danny was holding multiple interviews a day about "The Trump Bus".

After celebrating Trump's victory and inauguration, Danny didn't slow down.  For the next four years, weekends were spent at political rallies and events all over Georgia.  Meeting thousands of people, building the Trump supporter base, and registering new voters.  Then, his focus became 2020, and "Keeping America Great"!

The Trump Bus rolling again!

Once again, Danny enlisted the help of Mark Rowe at Adnormous Graphics to redesign the exterior bus wrap from "Make America Great" to "Keep America Great".  After considering a few design options, Mark and his staff got busy rebranding The Trump Bus in time for the Rock The Red USA Convention in Greenville, SC that took place in late January 2020.

Fast forward to 2020.  Danny's cell phone is ringing non-stop with enthusiastic Trump supporters wanting to have him bring The Trump Bus to their events and rallies.  His weekends are spent traveling all over Georgia, and into neighboring states such as Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The Trump Bus at the Rock The Red USA Convention in Greenville, SC

Over the years, Danny has been invited to bring The Trump Bus to conventions such as, The South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC and The Rock The Red USA Convention in Greenville, SC.

No matter where he goes, The Trump Bus becomes an instant photo and selfie attraction, and Danny will wait as long as it takes until the very last Trump supporter has their chance to stand next to the massive Trump Bus and have their picture taken!

Danny attending a recent Trump Rally in Charlotte, NC

To contact Danny Hamilton about The Trump Bus, call:  404-925-3893


Danny Hamilton and his crew at Star Coaches wash The Trump Bus for another event.


Bikers for Trump escort The Trump Bus to another rally!


The Trump Bus - The perfect back drop for a photo!


Weekends are all about Trump events and rallies!


The Trump Bus receives a motorcycle escort through north Georgia.


Danny Hamilton is off to another Trump event or rally!


Trump supporters.  You see the Trump Bus, you find Trump supporters!


The Bikers For Trump event was a blast for all!  And ANTIFA was no where to be found!


WARNING:  Branding vehicles in support of President Trump is contagious!