The Media - Who Should You Believe?

Many of us have fallen prey to 'bogus" information when we discuss, re-post or share on our various social media sites.  With what appears to be an unlimited number of media sources, which ones deliver accurate information?

The Left Wing, or for that matter, bad actors worldwide, like nothing more than for Trump Supporters or Conservatives to distribute false stories and misinformation.  The Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, Russia was devoted to this full time during the 2016 Election.  The Russians are not alone.  All of our global enemies, including China and Iran perform disinformation campaigns about a multitude of topics throughout social media.  The Russians are just the best!

As a social media society, we are inundated with information.  Open up Facebook or Twitter, and you can't even keep up with your timeline!  Article after article, post after post, meme after meme.  It's never ending.  Think about it, you're counting on your social media "friends" to provide you with information.  For the most part, you really have no idea who your social media "friends" are...  they are an unknown mass of people you can't adequately identify, much less "vett".

Don't get me wrong, many of us have high school and college friends that we have connected with on social media, but the fact remains that most of those on your friends list are people you have never met, and will probably never meet...  they are strangers who you pretend are your "friends".

Because Liberals have no platform, no track record, and presented joke candidates for the 2020 Election, we as Conservatives are targets for misinformation.  Libs can't beat us with facts, so they attack our integrity by getting us to distribute "bogus information" via social media.  And we all have fallen for it!

Dan Bongino nails it when he says, Liberals (and the MSM) tell "a" story, not "the" story.  And Libs love having Conservatives, especially Trump supporters, regurgitate "a" story!

So, how do we stop falling prey to this tactic of the Left?  Three simple steps:

1.  Be selective in who you follow.  Only follow the work of proven Journalists and Media personalities.

2.  Always "act".  Never "react" to a post or article.

I'll paraphrase Dan Bongino's 24-72 hour rule:  If something appears to be sensational, give it 24-72 hours before re-posting or sharing.  Let's take a recent topic that flooded social media;  "Kim Jung Un Is Dead".  An NBC Reporter, who is as recognizable as a Star Trek character with no name, shot that up on Twitter, only to delete the post a short time later.  But the damage had been done.  Within seconds, everyone was posting that Lil' Kim was dead!!!  Maybe he was...  Maybe he wasn't...  At the time of this article, who the heck knows!  Give it time.  Just wait and don't react.  Remember:  You don't have to be the first one to post about an event or topic.  Leave that to the pros and retain your personal integrity.

3.  Finally read the "entire article", not just the headline.  It is amazing how much real information is buried deep in the article.  Often times, you will find a complete contradiction to the headline buried in the body of the article.

Who should you follow?  We have our own list, which we will gladly share, but build your own list.  The Cowboy Logic Radio list includes, but is not limited to:

John Solomon:  Just The News  (

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and remember...

"THE DAN BONGINO RULE":  Give it 24-72 hours before you buy into a sensational headline!