The Media – Who To Follow?

Many of us have fallen prey to ‘bogus” information when we discuss, re-post or share on our various social media sites.  With what appears to be an unlimited number of media sources, which ones deliver accurate information? The Left Wing, or for that matter, bad actors worldwide, like nothing more than for Trump Supporters or […]

Trump Bus Rolling Hard for 2020!

In August of 2016, Danny Hamilton, owner of Star Coaches, Inc. walked into Don Neuen’s office, his Senior Vice President of Leasing, and said; “I know we are in the middle of peak touring season, BUT…  figure out a way to pull one bus off the road.  I want to create ‘The Trump Bus’!” Neuen […]

Cowboy Logic Radio – Transcript of: The IRP6 / IRP5 / IRP3 – February 25, 2020

Cowboy Logic Radio – Transcript of: The IRP6 / IRP5 / IRP3 – 02/25/20 © 2020, Cowboy Logic Radio. All rights reserved. Clinton Stewart Released from Federal Prison in Colorado due to First Step Act Signed by Pres. Trump Clinton Stewart’s daughter and a crowd of supports outside of the federal prison awaiting his release […]

Rock The Red USA 2020

Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen Emcee the 2020 Rock The Red USA Convention in Greenville, SC A Toast to the great Joe Dugan!  (photo credit: Dan Harvell) Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen, co-hosts of Cowboy Logic Radio were once again asked to return to the Palmetto State to emcee the 2020 Rock The Red USA […]